Aerospace & Electronics

Parkway has a long history of serving the Aerospace, Defense, and Electronic industries. The Company leverages its knowledge to manufacture applications for Aircraft, Missile and Weaponry, and Semiconductors.

For this market, Parkway's Quality Management System is certified to AS9100D by NSF-ISR in both the Atlanta, GA and the Rockford, IL facilities.

Parkway's Magnesium Thixomolding technology provides an opportunity to expand into the interior of the aircraft, i.e. seat frames, tray tables, and other structural components, due to magnesium's superior strength-to-weight characteristics.

The Company's High Performance Polymer Molding, Machined Plastic Solutions, Magnesium Thixomolding, and Thermoplastic Molding are viable and necessary technologies within the man-portable military electronics market, including all portable equipment to enhance the capabilities of military personnel.

Aerospace & Electronics Applications

    • Airframe and Aircraft Interiors
    • Connectors, Fuel Tanks, and Propulsion
    • Missile, Weaponry, Precision Optical Gear
    • Wearable Soldier Subsystems
                   Helmet - Mounted Display
                   Microphone & Speakers
                   Weapon Subsystems
                   Video & Thermal Sights
                   Sensors & Controls for Targeting & Aiming
                   Communication & Control Unit Subsystems
                   System Controls: Power On, Volume, and Brightness
                   Soldier Radio,  Communications Processor
                   GPS, Navigation,  Compass Heading, Map Storage & Retrieval

Commercial & Military Aviation

Maintenance and repair, durable and lightweight structural components, aircraft interior seat frames, tray tables, overhead bins, aircraft engine components

Wearable Soldier Subsytems

Military electronics found on soldiers helmets and belts, military imaging, weaponry, command and control applications