Parkway is a supplier to the largest automotive OEMs and tier manufacturers around the world. In an industry with intense time-to-market and price pressures, Parkway's broad portfolio of design, tooling and manufacturing services can allow the automotive manufacturer to reduce its complex supply chain and provide increased levels of quality.

The company is one of the few automotive suppliers with an established track record of supplying both cosmetic and functional/mechanical components. From painted and laser etched interior switches to high-temperature, wear resistant powertrain seals to high impact suspension components, Parkway components have been in, on and attached to the vehicles of leading OEMs for three decades.

Serving International OEMs in Multiple Functional and Electronic Systems

Safety Controls & Electronics

Camera Housings
Active Cruise Controls
Lane Departure Warning
"Smart Car" Controls

Suspension Brake & Chassis

Sensor Bodies
Air Suspension Pistons
Mounting Brackets

Interior Controls

Window & Lock Gangs
Steering Wheel Control Clusters
Dash Mounted Control Buttons


Ignition Control Housings
Fluid Reservoirs
Filler Caps & Necks
Shields & Covers
Fuel Spray Nozzles
Pump Bodies


Seal Rings
Thrust Washers
Check Balls
Support Bearings