Parkway has been a trusted provider of medical molded products for over 30 years.  Offering multiple technologies make Parkway an ideal partner for medical, healthcare, and biotech OEMs.  

Magnesium Thixomolding has become a useful technology for companies searching for a solution to prevent Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) between wireless electronic devices and medical equipment.  

Parkway's High Performance Polymer Molding and Thermoset Molding have been found to be chemical and impact resistant, and therefore products made with these technologies are superior in the healthcare and medical device industry.

Another growing market segment is the sharp increase of urban farming, as more U.S. citizens seek out a healthy and organic diet and lifestyle.  Parkway has positioned itself to benefit from this trend with the manufacture of a Thermoplastic hydroponic gardening system.

Healthcare and Medical Applications

    • Imaging
    • Surgical Robotics
    • Biotech, Lab Equipment
    • Diagnostic Devices
    • Drug Delivery
    • Medical Furniture/Beds
    • Urban/Organic Farming