Parkway's Industrial End Market is an area of particular focus due to the Company's background in providing extreme tribological performance products.  This segment consists of a wide array of markets, including manufacturing equipment, heavy truck and agricultural parts, and recreational vehicles.  
The Company is able to leverage multiple technologies including High Performance Polymer Molding, Machined Plastic SolutionsMagnesium Thixomolding, Thermoplastic Molding, and Paint and Laser Etching to serve the most demanding applications.

Industrial Market Products

    • High Performance Polymers provide strong wear and friction that serve well for the fiberglass spooling industry
    • Magnesium Thixomolding produces dimensional stability, thin walls, and geometric complexity for products such as security camera rotor pulley systems
    • Environmental Longevity, Corrosion Resistance, Low Weight, and Tribological Performance are all factors necessary in air compressor and transmission components