Parkway is a trusted supplier to many large Infrastructure and Building Systems players due to its quality of products and geographic presence.  The Parkway Saltillo facility has capitalized on the industry trend of moving final assembly operations to Mexico, and the Company is able to leverage the facility's low cost of labor to produce high quality products at a lower price than U.S. competitors. 

The Company supports the Infrastructure industry via its Thermoset Molding Technology in the Saltillo facility, but also with Machined Plastic Solutions and Thermoplastic Molding which are used to create products for electrical, water, and gas metering (including smart grid applications), electrical infrastructure sub-assemblies (including switchgear and breaker components), busbar, insulators, and water purification systems.

Infrastructure and Building Systems Applications

     Multiple product technologies to cover building systems industry needs:

    •  Transparent and reinforced opaque thermoplastics for bases & covers
    •  Injection and compression molded thermosets for current insulating, flame resistant housings
    •  Injection molded magnesium for EMI shielded RF devices
    •  HP polymers for high temperature, high strength connectors
    •  Vertical injection molding capabilities for overmolded pin connectors & bases