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Dec 23, 2016

International Agreements, Rather than Kids, may Impact Toy Production

So it is the holiday season, you are probably shopping for the perfect toy to give your son or daughter. Right now there are sales and plenty of toys to choose from at every store. But what's in store for the toy industry?
Toy demands ride its own growth arc while there's discussion regarding international trade. Although Parkway doesn't serve this market, it is interesting to know that the U.S. toy consumption this year will grow as much as 6.5 percent, a continuing growth trend evident for the past several years, and see what may happen after this past election. The U.S. market is worth $21 billion a year and it heavily depends on international supply chains.

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For further information on this topic, read the article here by Plastic News to learn the future impact the toy industry may experience.

Happy Holiday from the Parkway team!