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Jul 10, 2017

Optimize High-Performance Polymer Molding

This article by Mold Making Technology discusses hot runners versus high performance polymers. Parkway directly works with PEEK and Torlon materials in which we serve Aerospace & Defense, Automotive and Industrial end markets. This information presented in the article helps explain the right way of handling these types of materials correctly while utilizing a hot runner for production.

As you read through this article, they explain the relationship between particular resins (PEEK/PAEK) and the use C of hot runners versus cold runners. In many cases, the use of cold runner lead to materials being unable to be recycled or reground. In the end, hot runners are the best choice for small to medium sized part applications as long as the melt channel is maintained at a ±5ºC temperature to avoid any hot/cold spots for crystalline polymers. 
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