Manufacturing Equipment

Molding Machine Tonnage

  • High Performance Polymers: Up to 300T

  • Magnesium Thixomolding: Up to 450T

  • Thermoset Compression: Up to 500T

  • Thermoset Injection: Up to 230T

  • Thermoplastic Injection: Up to 1,750T


    A Full Suite of Secondary Operations to Meet Customer Needs

    • High Performance Polymers: Heat Cure, X-ray Inspection, CNC Machining, Tumbling, Dual Disc Grinding

    • Magnesium Thixomolding: Die Trimming, Lathe/CNC Machining, Tumbling, Coating, Assembly

    • Paint & Laser Etch: Pad Print, Assembly

    • Thermoset: Deflash, Drilling, Tapping, Assembly

    • Thermoplastic: Machining, Welding, Bonding, Pad Print, Thermal Transfer, Assembly

Assembly Capabilities

CNC Machining Center

High-Tech Quality Inspection Laboratory